Welcome to "S/Y Pinocchio"

We are sorry we have not yet translated the whole website to english - for the time being only the "news" (current and historic) are translated.

This site tells the story about the danish yacht "S/Y Pinocchio" and the 3 crewmembers - Lars, Annette and Trille, the ships cat - and our cruise around the world.

Lars - Annette - Trille

We hope this will be a "good tale" over time!

"Pinocchio" is a 40-feet homebuilt sailingboat ("Caribbean 40", design from Van de Stadt), which we started building in 1995 and launched in 1999. And once in a while we still do some unfinished business ... :-) The construction is "GWC" ("Glasfibre Wood Core"), ie. cedarstrips as corematerial and grp/epoxy on in- and outside.. Superstructure is plywood/fibreglass/epoxy.

Pinocchio in Viana do Castelo (Portugal)

We have had the dream of circumnavigation - or at least back to the Med! - since we in 1991/1992 spent 13 month sailing from Denmark to the Med through the german, dutch, belgium and french canals, down the french and spanish coast to Gibraltar and Portugal - and back the same way. At that time we sailed in our smaller "Pinocchio", a danish design "Impala 27" - with our son Kasper, aged 9 - now 22.

An adventure at that time and a life which we since then longed to go back to - away from the daily chore of too long workhours, too short sailingseason in Denmark, bad weather, silly politicians etc. - but hopefully in a bigger boat, with better economic ressources - and much more time!

And now we are sitting here on our sailingyacht in southern Turkey - end of work, loaded with cash (ah well - we must probably return to work in 8-10 years time ...) - lets see if the dream still holds!

We left Denmark in july 2003 - and until now - after around 15 months liveaboard - is the new life almost exactly what we have dreamed about, the sailing-part (well, most of it ...) is as we experienced it 13 years ago - as are the way life are being lived in Spain and Portugal! So we intend to carry on!

And to all the nice fellow sailors we have met these last 15 months: fair winds to your all and we hope to see you all very soon again :-)

Right now, at the end of the year 2004, we have now reached the eastern part of the Mediterranean (Turkey). The winter 2003/2004 we spend in Portugal, on the Algarve-coast (Vila Real de Santo Antonio) - we have since the beginning of july 2004 been sailing around the greek islands - Ionean and Agean seas - and have now arrived to Turkey (Marmaris), where we plan to spend the next 6 months.

If you have any questions, remarks, good ideas and so on to this web-site - please do not hesistate to contact us on mail: annette@sypinocchio.dk or lars@sypinocchio.dk


"If it doesn't fit use a bigger hammer"